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August 30, 2007

japw 8th anniversarry show pt.2

Bikini contest judged by Bam Margera

August 28, 2007

Mexicali en la Playa

Lo mejor de mexicali en la playa 2005.. Si alguien la conoce, feliciteme a su mama por hacerla con tanto amor .

Hot import Models - SCP6

Hot import models from Sport Compact Performance in montreal, Canada. October 14-16 2005. Check out the bikini contest.

August 22, 2007

Bikini contest part 2 Memphis Style

This was rover's mourning glory calender search in Memphis

oc car show bikini contest

car show

August 20, 2007

Player1.tv Miss Bondi Bikini 2

2004 Miss Bondi Bikini Contest

August 16, 2007

Duct Tape Bikini Contest

Really! Duct Tape sponsered bikini contest on a hot race track in Jacksonville Fla

August 14, 2007


Come along with the ActionPOV Productions Kamikaze Crew once again, as they put themselves in harms way, just to bring you some of the Wildest Action ever captured on film at the 2005 OZARK MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE GAMESâ„¢. Filmed in the picturesque Ozark Mountains of North West Arkansas, the producers of this film have pulled out all of the stops to present the greatest and most fun-filled Off Road and Action Sports Festival anyone could ever dream up.

Created from a Hollywood Producer/Stunt Coordinator's desire to blend a mix of bone-crushing, high-flying and metal-twisting extreme off roading, with a family-oriented, Multi-Event Action Sport Festival, OMAG was born. This show will keep your adrenalin pumping as the top notch and sometimes crazy crew of ActionPOV Productions, armed with their arsenal of high-tech, specially-designed cameras, bring you shots like you've never seen before.

Near vertical hill climbs, unforgiving boulder courses, 4X4 rodeos and long, grueling, obstacle-ridden, mud-filled trenches all await the off road competitors as they race the clock while pushing their rigs to the limits and although the drivers all survived the games, we can't say the same for all of the vehicles that competed.

Combine that with some fast-paced mountain biking, mountain boarding, extreme kayaking, rock climbing, hang gliding, ultralight rides, competition paintball, live concerts, a bikini contest, an action sport film festival, along with the charm of the local Arkansas people, and you end up with the 2005 OZARK MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE GAMESâ

August 12, 2007

Daisy Duke Contest

West Virginia's version of a bikini

August 10, 2007

Import Models She-Devils.com NSC 2006

National Sport Compact. Import Models in Montreal in May 2006 at the Olympic Stadium

August 08, 2007

Boobs Contest

huge boobs contest
more videos please visit

August 06, 2007

Import Fusion Bikini Contest

Bikini Contest

August 04, 2007

Rachael Models the Blue Bikini

Rachael tries on her blue bikini in preparation for StarCast's $10,000 modeling contest which starts January 7th. Should she wear it or the pink thong? You be the judge

August 02, 2007


Hot chicks from arica-Chile at a bikini contest in tacna -peru.Chilean girls,you take my breath away!!! Viva Chile