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Me singing Save Room

I'm here singing John Legend's "Save Room." Once again I'm sorry for the bad

quality in everything, the audio, the image, I didn't mean to add blur; cheap

camera doesn't focus.

I found this in someone else's video description and I though it was a funny

perhaps useful way to get videos

kid's choice rma, Chaka Khan, TOTP, Top of the pops, Arsenio Hall, Msg,

Loverboy, Live Divas, Mary J Blidge, Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, Aretha

Franklin, I still believe, We belong together, My All, Heartbreaker, Honey,

Dream Lover, Through the Rain, Butterfly, Fly Away, Fantasy, Emotions,

Breakdown, Always be my baby, Sweetheart, Miss You, I know what you want,

Remix, Someday, I'll be there, Visions of Love, Can't let go, Hero, I don't

want to cry, endless love,One Sweet Day Always Be My Baby Love Takes Time

Don't Forget About Us Thank God I Found You Shake It Off Without You I Know

What You Want I Still Believe Make It Happen Anytime You Need A Friend When

You Believe It's Like That U Make Me Wanna Crybaby Say Somethin Through The

Rain Never Too Far Boy (I Need You) Bringin' On The Heartbreak Fly Like A

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NOTE: You really need to take a look
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